Bleed Control Made Simple




S.T.A.T.®  Tourniquet

Made In The USA

1. Timer

     Starts Counting Once Activated.

2. Precision Tightening

     Tighten In 2 Millimeters Increments.

3. Visible Instructions

     Instructions Printed On The Tourniquet.

4. Release Lever

     Used to Remove Tourniquet Pressure.

5. Locking mechanism

     Automatically Self-Locks.

6. Bullet Resistant

     Tourniquet Re-Seals After Being Struck By Bullets.

7. Safety Release Cover

     Extra Safety For When Transporting The Injured.

8. Anti-Over Tightening 

    Automatically re-adjusts when TQ is over tightened. 

What's different about S.T.A.T. ?


  • S.T.A.T.®  can be used on limb sizes as small as 20mm.


  • Keep up to 25 or more tourniquets on a single carabiner for grab and go rapid response.


  • Childproof release lever makes the tourniquet more difficult for children to accidentally remove when being transported.


  • Timestrip®  self-counting liquid timer to help triage victims more accordingly.

Timestrip  Timer



  • Once the tourniquet is applied, a first responder can activate the liquid timer, place in the safety position, and then proceed to the next person.



  • Time, name, and information can also be written with a marker on the tourniquet strap. 



  • Any extra remainder that is left of the tail can be cut off with shears.

Pediatric Tourniquet


Use on limb sizes as small as 20mm.



S.T.A.T.  MCI Carabiner


Keep up to 25 or more tourniquets on a single carabiner for grab and go rapid response.