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I can NOT say enough great things about how simple, easy to apply, and effective the tourniquet was! Despite his small size, it

The tourniquet went on and stopped the bleeding in less than 10 seconds. We got him off the island and to the closest ER as quickly as possible, and they repaired his wound. He's doing just fine now.

As we explored, my youngest son went sprinting across a small section of water that contained oyster shells. Before we could tell him to stop, he was screaming in pain and cut so badly that I could see the blood spurting from about 20 feet away. His aunt used her shorts to hold pressure on the wound while I pulled out my STAT and applied it.

When we arrived on the island, our group of 8 only had 3 backpacks with supplies. Thankfully, I had packed my STAT tourniquet into the backpack I was carrying that morning.

This past week, my family and I were out on Shackleford Banks, which is a deserted island off the coast of North Carolina. The island has sand, some grassy areas, forest, and wild horses, which my children were excited to see. Any supplies, food, or water must be brought with visitors when they arrive to explore.
fit him perfectly. I will absolutely be recommending to everyone I know that they invest in one! In fact, after watching me use it, his aunt requested one for Christmas.

Please, feel free to let the company know they can reach out to me at any time with questions, or for comments. I'm happy to share our story. They may also use the attached picture.

Thank you for introducing me to STAT!!!

- Kate


On 9-7-18 I was dispatched to an assault the victim was sitting in a chair when I arrived he had already lost a lot of blood. He had two major trauma wounds on his right arm, the worst one was squirting blood out. At this point, I retrieved my S.T.A.T tourniquet that I carry on my ankle med kit and applied it high and tight to his right arm. I had it on within seconds and the blood flow stopped that male survived his wounds. The S.T.A.T. was fast and easily applied in a high-stress situation and works! 


Thank you

-Ptl Downing

  Zanesville Police Department


While on duty I was dispatched to an injury accident with a large laceration to the upper interior arm. Upon arrival, I noticed the victim's arm was still consistently bleeding even with pressure being held on the wound. I quickly removed the S.T.A.T. Tourniquet and applied it to the subject’s arm. The Tourniquet self-adjusted to the correct tension and the bleeding stopped. After reviewing the video, the time from taking out the tourniquet to when it was placed on the subject was 24 seconds. I have trained with other tourniquets in the past and normal application time is approximately one minute. I am very impressed with your product and the ease of use.



We are providing event first aid cover, we had a gentleman who suffered a very deep laceration to his L lower arm about 1 inch up from the wrist, he was operating a steam cutter at the show. I only had my small kit with me which what a CAT and a STAT in there. I could not access the patient that well due to the angle he was, so it made it hard to apply a CAT due to lack of space, so I grabbed the STAT, applied the STAT, we managed to slow the bleeding down but not stop it, this gave us the extra time to be able to get him out, after getting him out my partner applied the CAT higher up to completely stop the bleeding. If we hadn't had the STAT he might have bled out before we could get the help needed to free him.


I now carry both CAT and STAT in both my kits, a CAT is considered the best but there are points where a CAT cannot be used, we have also found a CAT cannot be used on small children where a STAT can.



So, I had my first opportunity to use one of the STAT Tourniquets in a non-training scenario. I was about three city blocks away from a call for a male at an automotive shop with a cut to the leg. One of the officers arrived <10 seconds before we did. Met with a near impossible muddy/rainy decent to the patient, the first officer lost his footing and slid a few feet on the descent. He passed off his Gen6 CAT tourniquet to the EMT that came behind him.


It came to light that the 30’s year old man was cutting down trees on an incline. He reports he had no knowledge of using a chainsaw but was working with one to make some extra cash. He lost his footing while cutting above his head. Both he and the moving chainsaw came crashing to the ground. The traveling chain lacerated his left lower leg on the medial side with a 15x7 cm laceration through the fascia to the bone.


The area around where we were working was about shoulder-width and access was limited. The first CAT applied had a broken windlass-catch (from the fall). The Second only slowed the flow of the blood. The initial team moved around to gain better access to the Patient. I applied the STAT high-and-tight on the left leg. At that point, the bleeding stopped and there were no distal pulses in the limb.


He was removed from his precarious location and the wound was packed with gauze and wrapped with a pressure bandage. He was taken to the local trauma center. The receiving staff was unfamiliar with the product, so I stayed to explain the product and remove it for the physician. When we reperfused the limb, pulses were present, and the wound had clotted.


Truthfully, I am incredibly impressed with this product. It takes up so much less space in my duty gear, it is so easy to use and understand, and it worked well in a high-pressure situation. We do not stock tourniquets as part of our regular public safety gear. So, the ones we use are paid for by individuals or received as part of a stop-the-bleed course. I will be making my contribution of gifting them to my coworkers as I’m able— these are simple, easy-to-use, and more importantly, was public-safety-proof in saving a life.

-Evan Jennings



I wanted to say thanks for the great products you guys have. Quick backstory. I received one of your stat tourniquets through battlbox a few months and was happy to have it. I put it in my 4 wheeler seat bag and forgot about it.. until last night when I needed it. My brother and I was riding through the woods and a stick came up from under our tire and punctured my brother in the inner part of the thigh. He is ok now but he had a shit ton of blood loss until I remember that I had that thing. More than likely saved his life. Glad I had it and it worked. Ems came and took him off and after surgery, he is now expected to make a full recovery. Again thanks for the great products and You guys and girls have a blessed day.


The liquid timer was an awesome idea. helps ems and hospital staff know how long it has been on. 



Dear sir/madam

We wanted to write to you to say your product S.T.A.T Tourniquet has been a lifesaver.

Today while we were in the garden we hear screen from a neighbor’s garden who was having work done. Unfortunately, the tree surgeon fell as he caught his thigh with a chainsaw in result losing a massive amount of blood. We had to apply many dressings possible and also the S.T.A.T which I have to say is simple and easy to apply. When paramedics came they confirmed we done the right action to apply as they confirmed the person had a partial amputation he was flown to a special hospital located 4 hours away from us by road.

We wanted to say a big thank you for a device that has been easy to use and also a device that saved someone life!!

Kind regards


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