• Easy to Use –  Just Pour, Pack, Cover and Press                                  
• Pour onto/into the wound, covering entire bleeding area
• Pack cavity or laceration with granules
• Cover area with regular gauze
• Press - Compress the affected area to disseminate CELOX

• Adherent gel-type pseudo-clot quickly develops and strengthens, typically in seconds

• 2g CELOX Granules packs great for fingertip cuts – tear open pack, insert finger and squeeze pack around finger – bleeding quickly stops – remove and rinse

• Sterile, single-use 2g packets are small, flat, lightweight and easy to store and carry. 

Suitable for all bleeding – skin tears, pressure ulcers, lacerations, grazes, cuts, etc.

Celox Granules - 10 - 2g packs

SKU: 0711GNS
  • CoTCCC, FDA, Health Canada, NATO, Class 3CE 

    3 Years From Date of Manufacture

    10 Packs