Most instinctive, versatile CELOX product, proven most effective for immediate hemostasis.

Powerful CELOX Granules are bonded throughout a dense gauze material that quickly packs into bleeding wounds – just cover or pack any bleeding injury and apply pressure. CELOX Gauze works in seconds and is especially effective in challenging situations under fire or in wind, rain or poor visibility conditions.

All forms of CELOX use the same proven CELOX core technology that dependably controls surface and more difficult bleeding, including hypothermic bleeding caused by traumatic injuries.
Cover or pack any bleeding or injury and apply pressure. 

• Packed in sterile, ruggedized pouches with tear notches for fast opening
• Documented success in the field
• Hemostat of choice for multiple NATO forces                                                                             
• Suitable for all bleeding – skin tears, pressure ulcers, injuries, lacerations, grazes, etc.
• Podiatric procedures
• Surface and severe wounds

• For Dental Bleeding:
 -Use as you would traditional gauze packing
 -Cut, roll and fold to fit area [gums or socket]
 •Gums: Place gauze over affected area and apply external fingertip pressure
•Socket: Place gauze packing in affected socket – apply mild “bite” pressure
 - Remove gauze when bleeding ceases [moisten if needed], does not dislodge clot

Celox Gauze Pad - 8” x 8” Pad

SKU: 0711GZP
  • CoTCCC, FDA, Health Canada, NATO, Class 3CE 

    3 Years From Date of Manufacture

    1 Pad